Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Meta Bloggin'*

PRBlog takes 300-plus-word look at the evolution of a writer.

Everybody needs an editor. I‘ve never been able read anything I wrote more than six months prior without wincing. Once, while driving through different city late at night, I heard some brochure copy I’d written four years earlier read back to me as part of a radio spot. I almost had to pull over deciding whether to laugh out loud or get sick.

Seth Godin leaves out the part about the briefcase helicopters and the cool uniforms, but otherwise offers a vision that may become a point of reference for the new frontier.

Just to make Gapingvoid happy, we’ll call it Futurism 2.0.

PrSquared has a funny about a linked life that's insightful, too. You'll have to go there to see it.

Finally, something I set aside when it was topical but I don’t think I ever got to it. Generally it takes a long time for a dominant narrative to turn 180 degrees. Individual results may vary. See store for details.

*UPDATE because I forgot the one in which Meredith F. Small over at LiveScience takes a perfectfully normal Intro to Biology question and turns it into a creepy -- and surprisingly SFW --- fantasy about Harrison Ford's manboobs. Think very carefully before following the link.

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Kevin said...

I think it just makes sense to order a Spitzer where ever we go for lunch next. Awesome pic.