Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey, boy, where you been?

This is the question one of my older colleagues asked me a couple of weeks ago. After showing him how the RSS machine worked, I think I implied a more consistent level of activity here.

Hoping to fix that shortly.

In the meantime, Cincinnati Social Media really has taken off, both as a movement (love that word … so vague …) and as an organization. I make a point to avoid blogging about teh social media, at least to the extent possible. On one level, it’s a bit like blogging about the fax machine or, as Pete Blackshaw would tell us, the phone.

Even so, it being the shiny new tool and all, I find myself talking about it all day – internally and externally – and that leaves less time for thoughts about the whole dominant narrative thing.

Still, I have enough material in the analog notebook to fill another year or so. The only challenge is finding those moments to organize and upload them.

You have been warned.

Anyway, for the dozens or so of you remaining, my apologies and stay tuned. Especially tomorrow morning, when I finish that thang I started a month or so ago.

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Michelle Beckham-Corbin said...

Love the honesty in your post. Can relate to letting blogging go when shiny new toys suddenly appear. If only there were 26 hours in every day! I just realized that my Blog is hitting the 1 yr anniversary point and I owe it all to you! You inspired me and kickstarted me in a direction that has taken me on a wild ride from blogging to social media buzz events. And to think it all began in Husman Hall at Xavier University. Lally, you rock!