Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Public Relations and Office Politics

I'm happy to be in a much different environment now, but about a hundred years ago I began my agency career with a very small office of the Very-Big-Advertising-and-Public-Relations-Agency-of-America.

We were teh 5h!7.

If you don’t remember A:/dos or B:wp this may not have the relevance for you it does for some. But we continue ...

About six months into the gig I decided that all the drama – real and imagined – surrounding me would make a great narrative so I began taking notes on the events and personalities I witnessed every day. Over the weekend, while going through the semiannual culling of excess inventory, I came upon those notes.

Bad news for some of my friends.

Anyway, on page 4, the twentysomething Lally proclaims:

Things Every Agency Man Believes

1. There is no business problem that cannot be solved with the right advertising campaign. [direct quote]

2. This agency can do anything – even if we’ve never actually heard of it before. [remember, this was before the internets]

3. The client’s idea can always be improved. [again, direct quote]

4. Nobody is as smart or works as hard as we do in the agency business.

Corollary: The people at our agency are smarter and work harder than they do at other agencies.

5. Someday – and soon – I am getting out of the agency business and going somewhere my talent will be appreciated and I’ll finally be paid what I’m worth.

6. With just a few people I know I could leave here tomorrow and start my own shop. My clients would follow me.

Corollary: I’m definitely taking you with me. [direct quote, minimum 17 times]

7. This is the best business in the world. [direct quote, at least once a week]

8. I hate the agency business. [direct quote, at least twice a week]

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