Monday, May 19, 2008

Drama Has Lessons for PR

In a previous post, I visited the whole idea of telling your story first. Unchallenged, most people – including the people you’re trying to influence – tend to believe whatever version they hear first. That version shapes their narrative.

It’s their Dominant Narrative.

In a conversation about movies with the creative director where I work, Eric Weltner, the whole idea of movies that mess your morality came up. In many classics the filmmakers (some would say directors but my vote is with the writers) get you to root for the bad guys because you know them. Because you know them, you understand and, to some degree, sympathize with their motivations.

There’s a lesson here, though it’s an admittedly awkward analogy.

If people have accepted you – your company, your brand &c. – as the GOOD GUY, you tend to get a pass on the small stuff.

As long as you stay within your narrative. Step outside, and it’s over.

While you chew on that, here’s the start of a list of productions that make you sympathize with unsympathetic characters:

• The Sopranos
• The Godfather (eye and eye eye)
• Psycho (Hitchcock films are noted for this)
• Office Space (yes!)
• Sweeny Todd

What else ya’ got?

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