Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Telling Mom!

We are hardwired to understand the Dominant Narrative Theory and the fact that being the first to tell your narrative is a huge advantage in framing the debate.
Remember when you were a kid and had a dispute with a sibling or maybe even a neighbor? Once the conflict escalates to the point where you could reasonably appeal to some higher authority, that's what you do. But you want to be the first one to tell the tale.
Empirical evidence out my window:
  1. Child A grapples with Child B.
  2. Child B pushes Child A away.
  3. Child A pushes Child B to the ground.
  4. Child B tackles Child A.
  5. Child A shouts, "I'M TELLING MOM!"

Visible evidence -- a mark, a spot of mud or the above photographic exhibit -- only helps to make the case for your version events.

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