Monday, March 24, 2008

DNT And Management Theory

A half century ago sociologists, historians, foreign policy experts and other assorted eggheads starting throwing around the phrase “revolution of rising expectations.” They were talking about developments in southern and southeastern Asia at the time, but the point is relevant for anybody who works with any group of people.

What’s morale like at your shop these days? I often have been fascinated by the phenomenon of people staying at places where everybody knows (or more often just considers) the boss to be a jerk. I’ve been just as interested by those people I meet who have left the so-called country club gigs where people play nerf football in the hallways and there’s always a beer in the breakroom.

What did you expect when you took you current job? [Sorry if you see a Dominant Narrative reference coming.] Is it better or worse than you expected?
What do the people who work for you now expect?

Internal communication challenges often come not so much from what actually is going on (the facts) as from failing to meet the expectations (the truth) of the rank-and-file. Violating the narrative you have established.

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