Friday, July 31, 2009

What Does "Clean" Really Mean Anyway?

I keep revisiting this because there are so many lessons to be learned from some very smart people on both sides.

When I started talking about it back in March of 08, I criticized this group for using the language of their opponents and thereby letting them frame the argument. In recent efforts, however, they're employing the time-honored art of verbal jujitsu -- and some cool images -- to take it back.

Oh, hell, just watch:


Kevin said...

Interesting indeed.

Have you been following the Streetcar issue locally? Seems like the referendum poses some interesting challenges for all involved as well. Talk about muddying the water.

Lally said...

Indeed I have. There are a couple of underlying narratives at work in that debate. One of the strongest is the car-centric population -- living in communities where if you don't have a car you're not going anywhere -- not really understanding the whole public transportation model.

Another is more sinister, and it has something to do with "them" being able to get on public transportation and coming out to where "we" live and work.