Tuesday, August 5, 2008

By Popular Demand ...

... we accede to the will of the people (at least the readers of PR Week's Web site) and introduce PR 2.0 to the roll of better sites than this one.

With a little less than four hours to go, and having already exhausted the Eckberg Bounce, it appears the die is cast. It was close for several hours today. Alas, in the end, Brian loosed his army of Silicon Valley flying monkeys had more support in online PR community.

I have to admit that I was surprised -- shocked would be a better word -- to be included in the competition and I wish PR 2.0 and the others well.

Most important, please look around. If you like it, consider a bookmark. Got a problem with something? We like a good lively discussion, too.

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rlongert said...

Great sportsmanship (err..blogspersonship?), Lally.

If you are interested in continuing the conversation about the blogging competition, check out today's post on Measuring Up.

Do you think there is an opportunity to take the 32 participating blogs and turn them into a community?

Lally said...

Actually, turns out I won.

All that sportspersonship for nothing, huh?

The thing about the contenstants is that they're not self-selected. I really had no idea the thing was going on until I got the email, and then thought one of my buddies was scamming me.

Better to find a site you like and then -- when you get tired or bored or want to take A DAY OFF -- invite somebody you think your readers would like to guest-post. They can link freely to their own site and maybe a few of your friends become theirs.

You lose nothing, they (and the folks who find them) gain something.

Positive-sum game.

rlongert said...

All good points! Let us know if you ever need a guest blogger!

It is interesting to see how the competition can link like-minded folks together, and encourage conversation.