Thursday, August 7, 2008

Site Effects

Toward the end of this week’s PRWeek Blog Competition I issued not ONE but TWO concession statements and then went to bed. The DNT blog was down two points and I didn’t know anybody else to ask for votes.

Some very preliminary thoughts:

While I appreciate PRWeek and its editors recognizing the whole Intertubes thing, it might have been more fun with categories. I’m grateful for the win. But the pairings seemed random and “public relations” is kind of a broad topic.

Brian Solis writes about PR 2.0 – the nexus of relationship building on the participatory Internet. I write about the Dominant Narrative Theory, which is the study of paradigms, biases and opinions that influence the decisions people make.

Both are public relations topics. Still: apples and oranges. Or at least oranges and Clementines.

The great part of this is that public relations bloggers/thinkers/doers are getting a broader audience. If that’s all that comes from this, then it’s all to the good.

Meanwhile (because I still expect to be humiliated eliminated on a technicality by whomever I face in the next round), it’s important to thank some folks who helped spread the word.

In stream-of-consciousness order:

The Triiibe people (they actually do rock)

The LinkedIn crowd

The Cincinnati Enquirer (gotta love that Eckberg Bounce)

Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer (for endorsing this site)

All of Richard Laermer’s books (which I have found very useful except for, you know … this one)

All of Kevin Dugan’s books

The Alumni and Friends of St. Xavier High School (2nd best is still good!)

The Alumni and Friends of Elder High School (now you know)

And mostly my friends, colleagues, employers, clients &c at Powers Agency. I usually work very hard to keep this site separate from my Clark Kent life, but Mrs. Graf and the team always have been very supportive and patient with my extracurricular activities. I am pretty sure I garnered at least 52 percent of their vote.

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