Sunday, August 3, 2008

PR 2.0 Hates America!

Not really. It’s actually a really cool blog. But that seems to be what I’m supposed to say in the middle of PRWeek’s new tournament-style find-the-best-PR-blog competition.

First, I am grateful (and very surprised) to be included in the competition at all. It’s not the what, but the how that makes me queasy.

Not to mention Brian is going to crush me in the first round, but I digress …

Brian’s blog is all about HOW, and there’s a big need for that in the google-driven future we’re living in. But the DNT blog is – I hope – about the why and the what. We’re talking less about technology and more about the things that don’t change: how people think and make decisions, what information moves the needle in which direction.


Thanks to PRWeek for the love. Thanks to PR 2.0 (among others) for making a forum like this possible.

Congratulations to all the first-round winners.

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