Sunday, July 20, 2008

Commitment Issues

OMG!! It’s teh MAD MEN!!1!

I watched it once last year. It was fine. Actually, it was better than fine, but I have commitment issues when it comes to well written television dramas.

Especially when they’re on free TV or basic cable.

Every new season (or summer season as the case may be) brings a new “serious” drama that all the “serious” people are watching. Last year it was Madmen. I checked it out once (the episode where the one guy won the one award and then he and the one gal [his wife?] got all liquored up and fell asleep about dawn).

Yeah, that was good one.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have. But can you blame me? Usually this year’s “serious” show is next year’s “hey wasn’t that guy in that one thing …?”

Let’s make a bargain: I’ll be more open to committing when the networks are. Tell us up front you’ll give a show a solid run … eight, 10, 12 episodes … and I’ll think about giving it a serious try before it gets all those Emmy nominations.

If I can stay up 'til 11:00.

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