Saturday, April 12, 2008

The DNT two-fer

It seems it takes more than new messaging to shift a narrative in your favor. BP and The New Republic learned that lesson through the oil giant’s advertising contract with the formerly traditionally liberal magazine.

BP has invested millions is cleaning up its image relative to some other energy companies, but when they put their logo on TNR’s Environment and Energy blog, readers cried foul.

Nobody’s pure, and if they were they probably wouldn’t need – you know – people like us. But the lesson here for BP is that you can’t just buy a dominant narrative. You have to earn it.

For TNR it’s simply that if you continue to appear to sell out your brand for short-term profit, you’ll end up losing both.

Still, if BP has its corporate heart set on the whole blog sponsorship thing, I can be reached at the email link above.

CJR via Romenesko

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