Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting It

Earlier I wrote about how (most) newspaper publishers don’t seem to understand what business they’re in. They think they’re in the printing business.

The New Yorker gets it. They're in the content business.

You can buy the mag at any newsstand for $4.50. If you like it, you can subscribe and get it for (according to the blow-in) a single American dollar per issue. That's how I get my favorite Dirty Hippie Magazine every week.

Or, you can browse their Web site for (almost) everything in the current issue. Oh, yeah: for FREE.

They alsso have no problem with the writers on their masthead reprinting their New Yorker work on their personal blogs.

And for a hundred bucks or so, you can get everything they’ve ever published – ads included – on a digital drive to read at your leisure.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

It's the perfect example of the old sticky model...get eyeballs to come to me. New Yorker content is slippery...showing up where ever its readers might be.