Monday, April 21, 2008

When Your Client Wants the Sky …

This is one of those new tactics that seem to be an object of conversation for a while. Six months later it will be trite and then in a year or so almost quaint.

Unless the lawyers get a hold of it.

Flogos has figured out a way to combine the bubbles you blew as a kid with helium to make resilient floating logos that the company promises are environmentally safe. At about three feet in maximum diameter, you need almost perfect weather to make a serious impact, but what interests me more is its usefulness as a guerilla tactic.

In some dark basement on K Street there’s probably already a group of legislative affairs gurus discussing how they can monetize the airspace above the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, as these guys build bigger and bigger machines, expect good paydays for selected litigators.

You thought I was going with Joni Mitchell, didn’t you?

Via LiveScience

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