Thursday, April 10, 2008

The NASCAR Movement

Heh indeed.

No entity has benefitted more from the mojo of a favorable dominant narrative than the Olympics. Every four years that mojo tells us that we need to “keep politics out of the Olympics.”

“Respect the Olympic ideal” (whatever the hell that is).

Protests around this quadrennial festival of sportsporn are hardly new. The Olympics are – by definition – a political exercise. If the IOC wants to put its money where its mouth is, stop playing national anthems and choosing up teams based on political boundaries.

Let everybody pick their own teams.

I call dibs on LeBron. No wait, Yao.

Photo credit.

*OMG - I just linked to Frank DeFord.

UPDATE: There seems to be some misunderstanding. The poster is actually a protest image from the Netherlands in 1936. Perhaps I overestimated the number of native Dutch-speakers in the crowd.

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