Sunday, April 27, 2008

Message Force Multipliers

In SoCal they’re looking for a Killer Shark. Way back in the sleepy summer of 2001, before the Terrah sucked all of the oxygen out of everything else, there was Gary-Condit-and-predators-among-us, and there was The Summer of The Shark!

Despite all evidence to the contrary, shark attacks were on the rise. Everybody knew it.

I hear about it all the time this year. When have you ever heard of so many shark attacks?

That’s what we call a classic dominant narrative. It may or may not have any basis in fact, but if that’s what your audience knows, it’s their truth. It’s the environment in which you operate.

Hook your message to one of these dominant narratives and your message gains a force multiplier.

Summer is always the silly season: in politics, in finance, in news and in branding. It seems to be starting early this year with the Rice Shortage [that phrase ought to boost the ol’ google numbers]

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